Thursday, May 7, 2009

caribbean Vacations- Nassau Cheap Travel Deals

Plan Your Bahamas Vacation this summer? The next step is to select what places to visit and what is the best place that will suit you, Find plenty more information to plan your Bahamas vacation in this blog. Today I will just mention some of the favorite places to visit while visiting Nassau, Bahamas. Behind the busy port, which can handle up to ten cruise liners per day, Nassau’s compact old town climbs up hill from the waterfront? I is easily explored on foot, and this replaced walk combines a stroll down bustling Bay Street with visit s to a small selection of historic sites. Well, to enjoy your stay in Nassau! Start with a visit to the Parliament Square and then the Vendue Houseand Pompey Museum.
  • Parliament Square-The traditional hub of Panamanian government, three sides of the square are bordered by the colonial-style, pink painted building of the House of Assembly, the Ministry of Finance, and the Supreme Court.
  • Vendue House and Pompey Museum Slave auctions were once held in this 18th to 19th century the building facing George Street. Today, the museum displays Bahaman an history exhibit sand paintings for folk artist Amos Ferguson. These naïve renderings of colorful local scenes are now collector’s items. Well, I strongly suggest you to walk up George St to the corner of King St. See hot travel deals to Nassau! Enjoy your vacation! Talk to you soon.

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