Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Travel-Travel Senior Discounts in the Caribbean

Do You Qualify For Discounts? Senior Discounts. In the Caribbean cultures older people are treated with great respect, however, you usually won't get special privileges or discounts for being over a certain age. Your best bet at getting discount is on the front end by making reservations through a travel club for seniors.

If you are over 50, joing AARP-The American Association of Retired Person Always mention your AARP membership which I beleived it cost about $8 a year. When you make reservations. You will get discounts ranging from 5% to 20% on car rentals with Avis,Hertz, and National, as well as with cruises, hotels and airlines. Some car rental agencies have maximum age limit;if you are over 65, you may not be able to rent with some agencies in the Caribbean.

Many airlines, including American, United, Continental, US Airways, and TWA, offers discounts programs for seniors travelers-ages 62 and above, but restrictions often apply on popular Caribbean routes. Rate reductions are worth asking about whenever you book a fligh. I forgot to metion that in some Caribbean cities, people over the age of 60 received a slightly reduced admisssion at theaters,museums, and other attractions, and they can often get discount fares on public transportation. Just in case always carry identification with proof of age, just in case.
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