Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Disney-Money Saving Tips-Time saving Tips

Disney is not exactly known for huge discounts, but when times are slow they are as eager to fill their rooms as any other hotel chain. The trouble is, they don’t always announce these discounts to people who seem ready and willing to pay the full price. When you call in to make your resorts reservations always ask, are there any special offers available during the times I will visiting Disney? Disneyworld.com is a great planning tool, allowing you to compare the prices of different on site hotels during the week you will be visiting. You can comparison shop at leisure without a travel agent or phone reservation agent nudging you into a quick decision.
Disney- Time Saving Tips The all start resorts are enormous and check in time 4 pm is madhouse. If you arrive before then, go ahead and try to check in early. I y
our room in not available, you can store your bags and return later, when you will only have to wait in the shorter moving key pickup line.
Disney- Money Saving tips Try calling both the hotel chain’s 800 number and the direct line to the particular hotel. You may be quoted different rates. Always ask for a discount. If none is available, ask for an upgrade on your room. If you are stating off site and will be eating at least once day outside of Disney property, pick up a few of those free tourist magazines that are available In the airport and all around Orlando. They are full of dining discount coupons, some of them for family oriented restaurants near the theme park.


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