Thursday, February 26, 2009

Miami-Miami Hotels

Miami and Miami Beach are year round destinations; most visitors come in October through April. Hotels, restaurants, shops and attractions are busy all year round, special events and the performing arts take center stage-so friends be prepared for in-season rates and low hotels availability. Summers is the best time for a good budged minded as many hotels lower their rates considerably, and some of the local restaurant s may even offer discounts (check local newspapers if you are traveling to other Florida destinations such as, Orlando or Daytona Beach).

If you are traveling to other Florida destinations I will suggest you to consider the fall and late spring, as many hotel rates get cheaper in the Keys and Orlando! Climate in Miami is dry, clear blue skies, temperatures in the 60s and low 70s, and humidity free, good hair days.

Even better, there is little difference between winter, late fall, and early spring. Good thing about Miami is that the city is often hot and humid in the summer-sometimes temperatures reach the high 90s. Not too forget that Miami is located along the coast and the ocean breezes make summer quite bearable, and the afternoon thunderstorms disappear as quickly as they come. So do not worry you will survive the Miami’s summer weather! I am telling you this city is a lot of fun!Miami HotelsMiami’s hotel scene is all about fabulosity! Anything goes in Miami! For sheer style, you cannot beat South Beach; if you are looking for a nice resort. Most popular hotels in Miami Beach: South Beach Marriott, Albion South Beach, Hotel Victor, Loews Miami Beach Hotel and many more! These are only a few of them! So do not wait that long –start planning your vacations to Miami now!


IndianPie said...

Well, I have heard a lot about this place called MIAMI. I hope I can be there one day :)

Alone said...

the beach's cool. can i snorkeling there? =D