Monday, February 23, 2009

Grand Bahama Beach-Caribbean Travel

From booze cruises and snorkeling excursions to fishing trips and much more to do in the Bahamas. the beautiful island of Grand Bahama keeps water lovers as busy as they want to be. Scuba divers loves the spectacular marine life. Dolphins and sharks may swim with the fishes, but here they also swim with the humans. The variety of beaches rimming the island allows lazybones to spend their entire vacation horizontal without getting bored. Land lobbers can enjoy excellent golf, tennis horseback riding, hiking,biking,shopping and much more to do! Compared with Nassau and Paradise Island, Grand Bahama may not be party central after dark, but you can find more than enough nightspots for drinking, dancing, and romancing.
Grand Bahamas's Top Attractions

You can visit Grand Bahama's attractions by taxi, bus, foot, rental car, or during a guided tour. You have the most flexibility if you strike out on your own, of course. But if you had rather let a Bahamian take you, perhaps to several far-flung attractions. The drivers shares all kinds of interesting tidbits about Grand Bahamas's past and present, and you can ask questions about the sights you pass, Usually half day tours begin at about $35 for adults and $2o to 25 for children.

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Alone said...

sheesh. i wanna be there.. T_T

what's the taxi fare there? i hope it's not expensive as my place =D

Julong said...

Hi,its real beautiful beach,Some times i will go there.Thanks

Andy said...

I never seen just a beautiful and so clean beach in my life time. Thanks sharing video with us.
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