Tuesday, February 10, 2009

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Remota , Leisure Days in Patagonia
REMOTA is located in the geographical and cultural heart oh the chilean patagonia. Our facilities and equipments are designed to allow you to experience the full spectrum of Patagonia scenario. In Addition to the visit of Torres del Paine National Park, we invite you to discover and enjoy the different surroundings as well as the culture of Patagonian people.
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Puerto Vallarta The Best of the World.
Upon retiring fourteen years ago, we spent a great deal of time traveling the world in search for the perfect retirement haven. Eleven years ago we selected Puerto Vallarta, Mexico as the location for our main retirement residence.Vallarta, located on the Mexican Riviera and only two to four hours from most major cities in the US, offers all of the modern day conveniences, numerous activities for retirees, fine dining and social life, and perfect weather for almost eight months of the year, from October through May. During those months, the average daily temperature is 73*F with an average monthly rainfall of less than 0.4 inches of rain; in other words, more than 97% of the days are absolutely ideal for golfing, tennis, fishing, or what ever outdoor activity interests you.The weather in Vallarta during the summer months of June through September is similar to that of Houston, Texas with high temperatures during the daytime and evening showers almost every other night. Due to the oppressive tropical summers, most of the retirees living in Vallarta use this time period for travel or visiting their friends and families back in the States or Canada.

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