Friday, February 13, 2009

Car Rental Tips

If you have ever rented a car, you probably already know how expensive it can be. Rental car rates vary even more than those for airfares. The price depends of the size of the car, the length of time your keep it, where and when you pick it up and drop it off (picking up a car on the airport is very expensive-due to a mandatory tax is called recoupment fee)-so you might want to avoid picking up a car in the airport. There are more factors to be considered. So asking questions can help save you hundred of dollars when renting a car.
Check your Car Insurance and ask them to give you information about your currently coverage’s-before you make any calls about renting a car, call you car auto insurance company and find out if your personal auto insurance also covers you for renting a car?
Some car rental companies will offer you rental insurance for an additional fee. Often your personal auto insurance policy will cover you for any car rental or truck rentals you make. Paying for the additional coverage through the rental agency will double insure you for something you already have, wasting unnecessary money.
Another thing it is very important for you to check the car rental charges: Sales tax, surcharges, and various other required add-ons could add 20 to 25 percent to the rates that rental-car companies will quote you. To avoid a last minute shock as about these add-ons when you rent a car.
Ask is the weekend rate lower than the weekly rate? Ask if the rate for Friday morning pickup is the same as the rate on Thursday night. Also you need to know if you will be charged a drop off fee if you return the car to a location that is different from where you rented the car. Another trick is to ask if you can have the price you saw advertised in the local newspaper-otherwise, you will end up paying standard rates. Hope you find this tips useful –remember to check with your auto insurance company first, it can save you money!
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Alone said...

it's quite expensive to rent a car.

i rather walk. uhu. but if there's a cheap and appropriate one, i'll think about it.

IndianPie said...

Nice and informative post !