Thursday, February 26, 2009

Miami-Miami Hotels

Miami and Miami Beach are year round destinations; most visitors come in October through April. Hotels, restaurants, shops and attractions are busy all year round, special events and the performing arts take center stage-so friends be prepared for in-season rates and low hotels availability. Summers is the best time for a good budged minded as many hotels lower their rates considerably, and some of the local restaurant s may even offer discounts (check local newspapers if you are traveling to other Florida destinations such as, Orlando or Daytona Beach).

If you are traveling to other Florida destinations I will suggest you to consider the fall and late spring, as many hotel rates get cheaper in the Keys and Orlando! Climate in Miami is dry, clear blue skies, temperatures in the 60s and low 70s, and humidity free, good hair days.

Even better, there is little difference between winter, late fall, and early spring. Good thing about Miami is that the city is often hot and humid in the summer-sometimes temperatures reach the high 90s. Not too forget that Miami is located along the coast and the ocean breezes make summer quite bearable, and the afternoon thunderstorms disappear as quickly as they come. So do not worry you will survive the Miami’s summer weather! I am telling you this city is a lot of fun!Miami HotelsMiami’s hotel scene is all about fabulosity! Anything goes in Miami! For sheer style, you cannot beat South Beach; if you are looking for a nice resort. Most popular hotels in Miami Beach: South Beach Marriott, Albion South Beach, Hotel Victor, Loews Miami Beach Hotel and many more! These are only a few of them! So do not wait that long –start planning your vacations to Miami now!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Grand Bahama Beach-Caribbean Travel

From booze cruises and snorkeling excursions to fishing trips and much more to do in the Bahamas. the beautiful island of Grand Bahama keeps water lovers as busy as they want to be. Scuba divers loves the spectacular marine life. Dolphins and sharks may swim with the fishes, but here they also swim with the humans. The variety of beaches rimming the island allows lazybones to spend their entire vacation horizontal without getting bored. Land lobbers can enjoy excellent golf, tennis horseback riding, hiking,biking,shopping and much more to do! Compared with Nassau and Paradise Island, Grand Bahama may not be party central after dark, but you can find more than enough nightspots for drinking, dancing, and romancing.
Grand Bahamas's Top Attractions

You can visit Grand Bahama's attractions by taxi, bus, foot, rental car, or during a guided tour. You have the most flexibility if you strike out on your own, of course. But if you had rather let a Bahamian take you, perhaps to several far-flung attractions. The drivers shares all kinds of interesting tidbits about Grand Bahamas's past and present, and you can ask questions about the sights you pass, Usually half day tours begin at about $35 for adults and $2o to 25 for children.

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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Barbados Vacation Deals- Caribbean Vacation Paradise

Barbados’s range of accommodations cannot be beat. The Island is home to some of the Caribbean’s most over the top resorts, places that are luxuries to the point of absurdity. Almond Beach Village, All-Inclusive -50% ** off your Standard or Deluxe Beachfront room rate. This beautiful hotel is located on the gorgeous Platinum coast of Barbados and set on 32 acres of pristine beach, this former sugar plantation offers the entire family a place in the sun. Barbados is very famous for its classy resorts and Almond Beach Village is one of them. Barbados also offers small boutiques hotels, timeshares, and a handful of all inclusive resorts.

Most hotels in Barbados have less than 100 rooms and , with few exceptions, most of the resorts relied instead of Barbados’s beautiful beaches and lush gardens to enchant visitors. Just to let you know base of my past experience many hotels in Barbados insist that you take their meal plan if you visit in winter. I founded it limited, especially because Barbados is known for having great restaurants. You are always better off with a least a week long package. Barbados hotel prices are geared to longer vacation time of Europeans, not the U.S. Vacationers’ habit of just taking or going to the island for three of four days. So don’t wait any longer book your reservation at Almond Beach Village Resort and save up to 50% and enjoy your vacation.
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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Cancun, Mexico-Cancun Mexico Vacation

Cancun Mexico Vacation
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Antigua Vacation - Aruba Vacation

Planning your next vacation to the Caribbean? Why not Antigua once one of Great Britain's most important Caribbean bases is now one of the Caribbean's most popular and premier tourist destination. The island of Antigua has a lot to offer! On this island you will find fantastic accommodation to stay in for your holiday, with some traditional Caribbean villas situated in what could be classed as paradise to some modern up to date popular resorts such as The Verandah Resort & Spa -Antigua, like the rest of Caribbean islands has a unforgettable carnival once a year, which attracts visitors

worldwide along with locals from all over the island, they sing, they dance, they eat, all in celebration of the independence that Antigua received from the slave trade all those hundreds of years ago. So start planning your next vacation to this beautiful island! Now is the time to travel! Antigua will satisfy everybody!
Another pleasant destination in the Caribbean is Aruba! Aruba’s best asset is its people. Aruba host a big share of U.S. travelers looking for an exciting vacation an easy sun and sand vacation package in the Caribbean. I visited Aruba awhile back ago and during my trip I noticed that most visitors to Aruba fall primarily into one of two camps: honeymooners and families with children. You rarely see singles on Aruba! Where to stay while visiting Aruba? Arubas’s best accommodations:
Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellaris Casino: the name Marriot does not usually register on our romance meter, but this stunner is a exception- the Marriot is at the end of the high-rise hotel distric with great views of prime Caribbean waters for windsurfing. And-Bucuti Beach Resort & Tara Beach Suites. If you don’t feel like shelling out for one of the top-drawer hotels, this graciously managed place is a great lower-priced alternative. It is also one of the few resorts that is geared more to couples than families and has a perfect location on the widest section of pristine Eagle Beach, far from the busy crowd. Well, hope you have a good vacation in the Caribbean!
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Friday, February 13, 2009

Car Rental Tips

If you have ever rented a car, you probably already know how expensive it can be. Rental car rates vary even more than those for airfares. The price depends of the size of the car, the length of time your keep it, where and when you pick it up and drop it off (picking up a car on the airport is very expensive-due to a mandatory tax is called recoupment fee)-so you might want to avoid picking up a car in the airport. There are more factors to be considered. So asking questions can help save you hundred of dollars when renting a car.
Check your Car Insurance and ask them to give you information about your currently coverage’s-before you make any calls about renting a car, call you car auto insurance company and find out if your personal auto insurance also covers you for renting a car?
Some car rental companies will offer you rental insurance for an additional fee. Often your personal auto insurance policy will cover you for any car rental or truck rentals you make. Paying for the additional coverage through the rental agency will double insure you for something you already have, wasting unnecessary money.
Another thing it is very important for you to check the car rental charges: Sales tax, surcharges, and various other required add-ons could add 20 to 25 percent to the rates that rental-car companies will quote you. To avoid a last minute shock as about these add-ons when you rent a car.
Ask is the weekend rate lower than the weekly rate? Ask if the rate for Friday morning pickup is the same as the rate on Thursday night. Also you need to know if you will be charged a drop off fee if you return the car to a location that is different from where you rented the car. Another trick is to ask if you can have the price you saw advertised in the local newspaper-otherwise, you will end up paying standard rates. Hope you find this tips useful –remember to check with your auto insurance company first, it can save you money!
Toll Free Numbers-Car Rental Agencies

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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii Vacation.Sometimes it is good not too have patient. While planning or looking for a Hawaii vacation hotel it is possible to safe up to 50% including FREE hotel nights with a last minute deals and vacation packages. Sometimes it is not necessarily a good idea, to wait until last minute-but this does not mean that ther are not discounts for last minute deals.-believe me it is possible to get them! But to be honest is safer to get a good vacation deal ahead of time. So do your homework and search for vacation deals before taking a vacation to Hawaii. Get FREE hotel nights and more at Outrigger and OHANA Hotels & Resorts.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Free Travel Information

Looking for destination information? has free travel brochures and information on most destinations.
Remota , Leisure Days in Patagonia
REMOTA is located in the geographical and cultural heart oh the chilean patagonia. Our facilities and equipments are designed to allow you to experience the full spectrum of Patagonia scenario. In Addition to the visit of Torres del Paine National Park, we invite you to discover and enjoy the different surroundings as well as the culture of Patagonian people.
Request a free brochure at
Feature Destination
Puerto Vallarta The Best of the World.
Upon retiring fourteen years ago, we spent a great deal of time traveling the world in search for the perfect retirement haven. Eleven years ago we selected Puerto Vallarta, Mexico as the location for our main retirement residence.Vallarta, located on the Mexican Riviera and only two to four hours from most major cities in the US, offers all of the modern day conveniences, numerous activities for retirees, fine dining and social life, and perfect weather for almost eight months of the year, from October through May. During those months, the average daily temperature is 73*F with an average monthly rainfall of less than 0.4 inches of rain; in other words, more than 97% of the days are absolutely ideal for golfing, tennis, fishing, or what ever outdoor activity interests you.The weather in Vallarta during the summer months of June through September is similar to that of Houston, Texas with high temperatures during the daytime and evening showers almost every other night. Due to the oppressive tropical summers, most of the retirees living in Vallarta use this time period for travel or visiting their friends and families back in the States or Canada.

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Jim Scherrer

Monday, February 9, 2009

Cheap Caribbean Vacations

Cheap Caribbean vacations
A Caribbean vacations can be very expensive, there is no way around that, however, there are tricks you can do before you take your Caribbean vacations. You can also do a number of things in order to actually save money when planning your Caribbean vacation. We all worked very hard for our money-why not make the most of it with your family or special someone? One of the tricks to save money is to find a cheap flight to the Caribbean. Consider purchasing package vacations. When you do, the flight is usually included, and you'll find that you can save hundreds of dollars. The other good things about packaged deals is that you'll find less hassle when trying to transport yourself and your things to the hotel, board your flights, and check in, tips and many other things. Basically, the guesswork is taken out of the process because thousands of other guests have done it before you.
A Caribbean vacations packages can also save money on flights by shopping around. One of the best ways to do this is on the Internet. When you log online, you can find flights for cheaper because airlines are trying to fill seats. Every time an airplane takes off with empty seats, the airline loses money. As a result, they are willing to offer less expensive prices just to fill those seats and at least not lose as much money. This is a great tip when you are shopping for cheap flights at the last minute.
I would also suggest to also considering fling with a budget airline. These flights won't be as fancy and some do not even have first class seating, but the trip will be much cheaper overall and you aren't any more likely to experience delays and other travel problems when you fly to the Caribbean with budget airlines than when you fly with a regular airline.
You can also save money on a flight is to leave at an unwanted time or put up with a number of layovers. Per example, if you have to board your flight at 2:00 AM, you probably will be able to save money on the ticket. This delays may not be good for families traveling with small children, but it can certainly work for adults. Another tip, if you happen to fly into Puerto Rico and then take a smaller plane to the island of your choice, you may be able to save money. Flights will always be expensive, but with a little compromising, you can get ones that are as cheap as possible.

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Friday, February 6, 2009


Florida is home to hundreds of interesting amusement parks and unique theme attractions. Whether you prefer diving with dolphins, working on your suntan, or gorging on great food, Florida’s wealth of activities, dining opportunities, and entertainment will impress even the most worn-out travelers. Traveler visit Orlando and other parts of Florida year round to take advantage of the many exhilarating events and amusements for the whole family.
Of course, selecting the best from such a large, visitor-friendly state is not an easy job. The possible itinerary one could devise for them and their group has endless possibilities, to the point where tourists often find themselves returning to the area multiple times for planned vacations because you just can't get it all in one shot. There is simply not enough time.

For many reasons, people who love Florida for its many attractions and theme park amusements such as Disney World, Universal Studios and various other parks owned by some corporate giant or another, are often under the belief that actually residing in this hot vacation spot. Literally, Florida vacation would be fun and unbeatable.Florida offers a wide range of family attractions.
Florida First Rate Family Attractions
The Miami Metro Zoo, after losing a little of its luster during Hurricane Andrew, is still a popular attraction thanks to a petting zoo including white tigers, dragons, black rhinos and Komodo dragons. The Dolphin Research Center-in Marathon is the best of Florida’s swim with the dolphin programs. Lion Country Safari-in Loxahatchee, near West Palm Beach, let’s you drive through and walk around that not only harbor lions, but also elephants, rhinos and wildebeests.Bush Gardens-in Tampa offers close-up views of Africa animas, as well as guided tours, shows, flume and raft rides, and roller coasters. Of course, my favorite ones: Disney’s Magic Kingdom-MGM Studios, Universal Studios Florida and Islands of Adventures. Kennedy Space Center-offers a ton of fun that centers on the past, present, and future of space travel-Daytona USA is a state of the art, interacting attraction that’s even popular with non-race fans. Don’t miss the opportunity to have fun and to relax visit Florida today! You won’t be sorry!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Caribbean Hotels

Caribbean Hotels
The Caribbean is certainly a place to take your next vacation. The Caribbean featured sandy beaches dotted with palms and high-rise hotels equipped with discos, glitzy casinos and margaritas. Like most people, we just dotted of lumped all islands south of Florida into this formless mass as called it the Caribbean. If you are not sure what island you want to visit. Even the Caribbean’s first tourist was overwhelmed by the choices. I had read so much about all the islands and they all seems to be very interesting. There are a lot of hotels to choice from while visiting the Caribbean. Most visited places in the Caribbean include: Jamaica, Bahamas, Dominican Republic, and St Lucia.Favorite Hotels in the CaribbeanGrand Pineapple Beach Resort, All-Inclusive, Aruba Marriott Resort & Stellar is Casino, Old Bahamas Bay at Ginn sur Mer,Casa de Campo,Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort & Private Island, All-Inclusive and much more.So do not wait too long and start planning your next vacations to the Caribbean.

Caribbean Travel

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Hawaii Vacation

Hawaii Vacation
Sometimes it’s way too good to be impatient! When thinking or looking into a Hawaii vacation resort it's possible to save up to 70% on resorts with last minute deals and vacation packages. Sometimes this is not necessarily a good idea, however, as waiting until the last minute does not mean there will definitely get further discounts—it's just a chance. In fact, last minute accommodations can end up costing more (especially during popular vacation times when rooms are in demand). The safe bet is to find a smart deal head of time, in other words, plan your vacations ahead of time.

Outrigger Kiahuna PlantationGet the 1st night FREE on every 5 night stay
Outrigger Waipouli BeachGet the 1st night FREE on every 5 night stay

Monday, February 2, 2009

Jamaica vacations

Jamaica stands in a class by itself in the Caribbean and it has everything it takes to make a perfect vacation destination. The weather is near perfect, the beaches are dazzling and the people are friendly, what more could any vacationer want?Where you want to stay?Most of Jamaica’s resorts are congregated along the beaches of and around Montego Bay, Negril and Ocho Rios. How do you know which part of the islands fits your vacation dreams the most perfectly?
Montego BayMontego Bay the most cosmopolitan of Jamaica’s resort towns, is ground zero for the party crowd. Situated on the lush and hilly north western cost, Mo Bay-as it is called by locals and those who have been on the island of more than five minutes-is second largest city in Jamaica. Monte Bay continues to be popular, because a seven minute drive from the airport gets you to fine beaches, good shopping, and a pepper pot of locals and tourist mixing it up tor good time.
Negril Meet Mo Bay’s younger, wilder, prettier sister, Negril. This once sleepy fishing village on the island’s western tip only started getting attention on the late 1960’s when flower children from Canada and the U.S. adopted it as a groovy outpost. Then, it had no phones, no electricity, and a readily available supply of marijuana.Today, sophisticated all inclusive resorts, such as Swept Away , Grand Lido Negril, and Sandals Negril, draw a better heeled and less rowdy crowd from all over the world to Negril’s three well protected bays:

Long Bay, Bloody Bay (now called Negril Harbour), and Orange Bay.Ocho RiosBetter known is Ocho Rios, which is nicknamed Ochi. Ocho Rios is a Spanish phrase meaning eight rivers-another Caribbean misnomer. It is hard to believe that Ocho Rios, which is now Jamaica’s cruise ship capital, was one a small banana and fishing port. Its bay is dominated on one side by a decrepit looking bauxite loading terminal. On the other side, a congested hotel district fronts the beaches; the Jamaica Grande Renaissance, Jamaica’s largest hotel, holds center court, This sprawling resort towns is where most visitors stay when they come for Ocho Rios’s annual jazz festival. Ochi is a busy port town, but the brilliant greens of the surrounding hills hint at the glorius gardens, waterfalls, and other treasures to be seen if you know where to look.

Jamaica’s Best HotelsJamaica is one of those islands whre you should never go for the published rack rate. You can always do better if you do your homework before taking your vacation. Packages and special deals abound. If you don’t want to stick to the big all-inclusive, one of the best travel websites specializing in great hotels deals is, is fast loading and informative, and it puts you in a good mood just surfing it. See below list of favorite resorts in Jamaica.Jamaica• Sandals Inn • Sandals Montego Bay, Luxury Included™ • Sandals Royal Caribbean Resort & Private Island • Sandals White house European Village & Spa • Sandals Negril Beach Resort and Spa • Sandals Dunn's River Villaggio Golf Resort & Spa • Sandals Grande Ocho Rios Beach & Villa Golf Resort
Shopping Visiting one of the fantastic waterfalls Take a horseback ride along the beach Visiting the Bob Marley Museum This is only a small taste of the many things that Jamaica has to offer beyond the gorgeous beaches and fantastic weather. It isn't just for singles, it isn't just for honeymooners, and it isn't just for families. It is for everyone. "So come to Jamaica and feel all right."