Monday, January 12, 2009

Travel Tips

Travel Tips, Travel tips for saving money and having great time.

How to eat well, for less, on your travels
One of the biggest
travel-budget biters for me is always food, so I thought it was high time I figured out some ways to nip and tuck would-be excesses in my vacation budgets.
Thankfully, penny-pinching does not mean settling for sub-par dining. Rather, you just have to get a little creative with your travel day. And no, it doesn’t mean eating every meal picnic-style. I mean, I like a picnic now and again, especiall
y if it’s along the Seine, but the cold do-it-yourself sandwich routine gets old. Besides, restaurants, whether on your travels or at home, always provide unparalleled perches from which to watch local life roll by.
Following are some tips from around the Web, with a couple of my own thrown in, to help you eat your way through your
travel destination without busting your piggy bank:
* Travel during Restaurant Week, if you’re headed to a big city. Held at great restaurants throughout the country, these weeks offer opportunities to eat top-end without paying top dollar.

Skip the hotel breakfast. In places like London or Hawaii, eating at your hotel or resort restaurant can be a pricey move, unless it’s included in your rate. Instead, stay at a B&B, or venture out to a cafe for your first meal.
* Go at lunch instead of dinner, if a fancy restaurant is on your to-do list. That will usually get you the same quality fare for a lower price, allowing savings (and maybe even a splurge on an extra glass of wine).

* Eat at happy hour. You may have to move your dinner time up a little, but the reward can be cheaper food (not just drinks) at many bars and restaurants with bars.

* Go prix fixe. At restaurants that offer multi-course menus, go this route instead of ordering a la carte, particularly in France.
* Visit local farmers markets. These offer fresh, seasonal fare, as well as a chance to experience the local scene. Plus, the simple produce you snack on here is likely to be healthier than what you can pick up prepared elsewhere. * Eat at street stalls. In many parts of the world, you can find delicious, and cheap, street food. In Thailand, you can get everything from fried crickets to omelets on the street, and in Baja California, I’ve eaten far more than my share of fish tacos on the sidewalk. Healthy-travel tip: Pick the stall where locals are lingering.
* Skip one restaurant meal a day...but just one. Instead, snack on fruits or cheese and crackers from the store, and leave room for the next meal (which you’ll really enjoy now, since you’ll be famished!).
* Avoid tourist traps and, in fact, get out of tourist-oriented
Article by: Los Angeles Times Travel-

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