Thursday, January 8, 2009

Latin America dominates top 10 ethical travel destinations

Latin America dominates top 10 ethical travel destinations OK, so the holidays have only just ended, but if you're planning your next break to give yourself something to look forward to, perhaps you should consider Latin America -- especially if you want a holiday that won't damage anything but your wallet.
Countries in Latin America make up half the top 10 ethical travel destinations for 2008, with Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Costa Rica and Nicaragua landing in the list compiled by the Ethical Traveler after a study of the world's 70-plus developing nations. The survey looks primarily at three different areas: environmental protection, social welfare and human rights. "Ethical travel" is defined by the organization as "an awareness of our impact as we explore the world."
The inclusion of Nicaragua came with a caveat, though. Ethical Traveler's website says: "Though Nicaragua is committed to fair trade and sustainable tourism, and maintains very low CO2 emissions, homosexuality remains criminalized. Normally, this is a deal-breaker for us; but the law is not enforced, and is the subject of wide protest. We sincerely hope that our vote of confidence will help persuade Nicaragua's leaders to repeal this backward law."
The list in full, in alphabetical order:
1. Argentina
2. Bolivia
3. Bulgaria
4. Chile
5. Costa Rica
6. Croatia
7. Estonia
8. Namibia
9. Nicaragua
10. South Africa
Deborah Bonello in Mexico City
Article by: Los Angeles Times

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