Monday, January 26, 2009


Cozumel-MexicoKnown to the Maya as Ah-cuzamil, ( land of the swallows) was apparently a site of major significance during the Mayan post-Classic period, particularly between AD 1000 and 1200. As the most easterly of all the Mayan sites, the island was almost certainly a sanctuary associated with worship of the rising sun. Old records also suggest that if was from Cozumel that several Mayan tribe set off on their migrations across the mainland. In addition the island was undoubtedly an important place of pilgrimage dedicated to the goddess of fertility ix-chel and patrones of birth. As Moon goddess and wife of the Sun god Itzamna (the supreme deity), Ixchel occupied a central place in Yucatan Mayan mythology. Mayan women were especially fervent in their veneration of such sites. Cozumel is well known travel vacation destination for its beaches.
Among the most popular and attractive of Cozumel’s beaches are the Playas San Juan and Pilar and the Playas San Francisco, Santa Rosa and Palancar. On the east side, open t the Caribbean, are the Playas Encantada, Hanan, Bonita, Punta Morena,Chen Rio and Chiqueros. Plan your next vacation to Cozumel!
Where to Stay in Cozumel-Mexico
Cozumel Palace, All-Inclusive
Travel to the edge of the world famous Palancar Reef to this luxur
ious resort located in the heart of Cozumel Island. Cozumel Palace is the only five-star resort within 10 minutes walking distance of beautiful downtown San Miguel and the Convention Center. Only 10 minutes from Cozumel's Airport lies the magnificent Mediterranean architecture of thi ... read more

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