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On 12 October 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered the New World. Columbus said he had made landfall on the Panamanian island of Guanahani which he named San Salvador. North and east of the Caribbean proper, the 700 island and 2,000 plus cays which comprise the Bahamas Island lie scatteres across 258,998sq Km-100,000 square miles of Atlantic Ocean. Only around 30 of the island are inhabited. Originally, the archipelago was named the Lucayas, after the local Arawak people; the word Bahamas comes from the Spanish baja-mar, meaning “shallow sea”. Well, if you would like to find out more about the history of the Bahamas plan your next vacation with your family or with your special someone to the Bahamas. Grand Bahamas is a handful of sleepy fishing villages for a major holiday destination within the space of 30 years. Grand Bahamas, the fourth largest Bahaman an island, is one o the regions’ top tourist spot. More than a million visitors come every year, lured by its miles of white sand beaches and duty-free shopping.

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The busy cruise-ship dock is a couple of minutes’ walk from the tourist office on Rawson Square and the town centre. On the west part of the square, there are horse-drawn surreys for hire. The chatty drivers proved 45 minute tours for tow Across Bay Street, Nassau’s main shopping district, the pink-and white House of Assembly faces Parliament Square. The majority of the attractions lie a short distance from the town centre, easily reached by taxi or mopeds which can be rented near the dock. Cheap and frequent minibus services to Cable Beach leave from Bay Street and ferries make regular crossings to Paradise Island. Plan your next vacations today do not wait too long.

Favorite Hotels in Nasssau:

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