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Cancun - Mayan Riviera Vacations

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Eurostar “Chunnel Train” To Slash London-Paris Travel Times This Fall

Eurostar passengers are due for a service upgrade this November. That’s when the famous English Channel Tunnel train starts moving at a faster clip. Introduction of the UK’s first true high-speed line has been much anticipated. It promises a greener, more convenient travel experience… along with shorter trip times between Southeast England and Europe.
It has been over a dozen years since Eurostar initiated direct passenger rail linking London with Brussels and Paris. In that time, the train has become the preferred choice for crossing between Britain and the Continent — more popular than either channel ferries or travel by air. Now, with new high-speed track between London and the coast cutting at least 20 minutes off travel times, the under-sea shuttle promises to be more popular than ever.
The skinny on the project is High Speed 1 (HS1), a 68-mi/109-km fast track formerly called the Channel Tunnel Rail Link. Over a decade in the making, the line will enable Eurostar to sustain speeds of up to 186-mph/300-km/h. In practical terms that means London to Paris Gare du Nord in two-and-a-quarter hours; Brussels and other points in even less. Also, for the first time, early morning trains will enable UK business travelers to reach Paris, Brussels or Lille in time to do a full day’s work.
At the head of the line, Eurostar will trade its Waterloo terminus near London’s South Bank for the brilliantly restored St. Pancras Station in King’s Cross. St. Pancras, together with neighboring King’s Cross and Euston Stations, will form a transport nexus befitting 21c London. Beginning in November, high-speed Eurostar trains will converge with six Underground (Tube) lines and trains from Edinburgh, Newcastle, Brighton and the east coast.
HS1 promises to be a boon for south-east suburban passengers looking to avoid the nasty slog into London.
The new station at Ebbsfleet, scheduled to open within days of November’s HS1 kickoff, will incorporate a long-term car park and will be served by high-frequency shuttles to local railway stations and to the nearby Bluewater shopping centre. A second station at Stratford is due to come on line in time for the 2012 Olympics, while the existing station at Ashford will continue to serve international passengers.
High-speed service from London is not limited to Paris and Brussels. Depending upon one’s departure point, a day in Calais — with its bargain shopping and authentic bistros — is an hour’s journey or less. Minutes away are Lille — a historic urbanity with a young and cosmopolitan flavor — and Disneyland Resort Paris. Seasonal runs hit the Alpine slopes in winter and escape to sunny Provence in summer.
The Eurostar experience begins at the station. Long delays associated with air travel are replaced by fast, secure check-in procedures. Departure lounges offer a range of airport-style services and amenities. Once onboard, customized coaches cater to the separate needs of executive and pleasure travelers and all coaches benefit from spacious layouts and comfortable seating. Service levels range from economy-fare travel to a variety of first class options.
Speed, convenience and comfort are just part of the overall Eurostar experience. An independent study has shown that air passengers generate ten times greater greenhouse gas emissions than travelers who choose high-speed rail. And, thanks to HS1, Eurostar is committed to achieving “carbon neutrality” by reducing carbon dioxide emmissions by 25% by 2012.
Eurostar HS1 service commences Wednesday, 14 November 2007, but first day tickets are sold out so if you haven’t already booked your travel you’ll need to adjust your plans (trains will continue to serve Waterloo through 13 November). For complete travel details, and to book Eurostar travel online, visit

By: Michael Gleason.

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Last-minute ways to save for vacation

In a perfect world, we'd all have fully funded vacation accounts to pay for our annual family getaways. The reality: Most of us are just now starting to think about this summer's vacation. Here are some fast-track ways to save for your big trip.
1. Start with a spending plan Decide upfront how much you'll spend on your vacation. Get specific. Along with plane tickets (or gas, if you're driving) and hotel prices, guesstimate costs for meals, souvenirs, and park or museum admissions. Total it all up. If the number sends you into shock, cut back on costs -- now, on paper -- until you feel comfortable with what you're spending. If money is really tight, consider a couple of long weekend trips instead of one "dream" vacation this summer.

2. Sacrifice now for fun later -Do you belong to a health club or subscribe to a service (such as cable or satellite TV, a cell phone plan, etc.) that you no longer use, or could easily downgrade? "Drop the service now and stash the money away for your family's summer vacation," says Kim Danger, founder of Also consider cutting back for a few months on nonessentials like kids' dance lessons, your weekly Pilates classes, your husband's trips to the batting cage or your family's monthly movie-rental service. Remember: You're just trading today's fun for the fun you'll have during your vacation. Move what you normally would have spent on these items into your vacation fund. Ideally, that would be a special savings account or an easy-to-track category within your larger savings account.

3. Build cash with a 'Pantry Week' For one week each month, from now until your trip, stay out of the grocery store and eat only what you have in your house. Mary Hunt, founder and editor of and author of "Live Your Life for Half the Price," calls this quick money-raising challenge the "Pantry Week." Make it fun by pretending you're on a deserted island and can only eat what you have in the pantry. What unusual meals can the kids suggest? "Most families have more staples in their cupboards than they realize," says Hunt. And guess what? It's actually OK to eat peanut butter and jelly for dinner one night.

4. Eat out less, save big A typical family with kids younger than age 6 spends an average of $239 each month on restaurant meals, according to the National Restaurant Association. That's money that could easily be diverted to your vacation fund. Some ways to cut back without going cold turkey: Check local restaurants for "kids eat free" nights (often Monday or Tuesday nights), watch newspaper coupon inserts for buy one entrée, get one free dining deals or buy discounted coupons (usually $25 certificates for $10) at Frozen dinners or ready-made grocery deli items are much cheaper than restaurant food if all you really need is a cooking break. You could also eat dinner inexpensively at home, then treat the family to a modest dessert out.

5. Make a savings wall chart Kids are more likely to get excited, and you'll stay on track more easily, if you make your savings goal visual. Chart a graph on a large poster board. Track your weekly or monthly progress toward your trip savings with colorful markers and stickers. Set some milestones along the way: For instance, once you've saved one-quarter of your trip costs, celebrate with a special movie-at-home night or go out for ice cream. Celebrating your success makes the savings process fun.

6. Sell your stuff A garage sale is a great way to earn vacation cash from your castoffs. To attract a crowd, run an ad in your local newspaper and post easy-to-read signs around your neighborhood. Check local regulations about posting notices, of course, and write signs in crayon if it looks like rain. Sales tips: Kids' clothes sell well at yard sales, adult clothes don't -- try a consignment shop instead. List kids' clothing sizes and brand names, if you have them, in your ad. Some parents make special trips to garage sales featuring labels like BabyGap and Gymboree, says Danger. If your kids are old enough to help, let them pick some of their older toys to sell, suggests Dave Ramsey, author of "The Total Money Makeover." A special kids' table with a sign like, "All proceeds go to purchase of our Disneyland souvenirs," is often a big hit -- and it's a great way to teach your kids about money.

7. Use your tax refund -- now Do you usually get an IRS refund in April? If so, too much tax money is being withheld from your paycheck. Fill out a new W-4 form with your employer right away. Adjust your tax withholding so that it's fairly close to what you will owe in April. Your next paycheck should be substantially bigger. Start transferring the extra money into your dedicated vacation savings account or category. If you still get a refund this spring, sock it away, too. Heather Larson of Tacoma, Wash., puts her family's refunds into short-term certificates of deposit that expire right before their vacation. That way, they don't spend the money on anything else. You can locate the best rates in your area on

8. Let credit cards pay you back In the months prior to your vacation, use a credit card that accumulates "rewards"(points or cash rebates) for everything you can: gas, groceries -- even day-care tuition. Let rewards pile up, then use them toward plane tickets (if you've been banking points/dollars for a while), hotel or rental car discount, or gift cards for chain restaurants you'll visit on your trip. You can locate and compare rewards cards at The key, of course, is to pay off your balance in full every month. Vacation debt is not the kind of souvenir you want to collect.

By Teri Cettina •

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Orlando, Florida

About every year, my family spends April vacation lounging in the warm sun of the Florida tropics in Orlando, Florida. We've been to a few hotels during our stay, and had a wonderful time.
Sheraton Vistana Resort: This resort is perfect for families. It is smack dab in the center of the major theme parks, such as Disney World and Sea World and is only a short drive to Universal Studios. There are plenty of activities for children such as finger painting, water volleyball, and even mini golfing. There are also several pools, so no matter what, you will always find a comfortable pool with plenty of swimming space. A game room is also set up near the pool along with an outside pool table. My family and I were stuck in a horrible situation late at night when we found out that our room key had been demagnetized. We were sure we would not be able to find anyone at such a late hour. But how relieved we were when we found out that the service desk was open 24 hours! They fixed our problem within minutes. This resort deserves an A, however keep in mind that this is a family resort and you will encounter many small, rambunctious children.
Sheraton Vistana Villages: This hotel is linked with the Vistana Resort, however, it is much more relaxing and more condo like. It has a giant pool with a few waterfalls, giving the pool area a more tropical atmosphere. The children more likely play in this pool, so next door is another smaller heated pool for adults who want to leisurely swim. All in all, the Village does not offer as much as the Resort, but it is better if you prefer to relax.

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Cozumel-MexicoKnown to the Maya as Ah-cuzamil, ( land of the swallows) was apparently a site of major significance during the Mayan post-Classic period, particularly between AD 1000 and 1200. As the most easterly of all the Mayan sites, the island was almost certainly a sanctuary associated with worship of the rising sun. Old records also suggest that if was from Cozumel that several Mayan tribe set off on their migrations across the mainland. In addition the island was undoubtedly an important place of pilgrimage dedicated to the goddess of fertility ix-chel and patrones of birth. As Moon goddess and wife of the Sun god Itzamna (the supreme deity), Ixchel occupied a central place in Yucatan Mayan mythology. Mayan women were especially fervent in their veneration of such sites. Cozumel is well known travel vacation destination for its beaches.
Among the most popular and attractive of Cozumel’s beaches are the Playas San Juan and Pilar and the Playas San Francisco, Santa Rosa and Palancar. On the east side, open t the Caribbean, are the Playas Encantada, Hanan, Bonita, Punta Morena,Chen Rio and Chiqueros. Plan your next vacation to Cozumel!
Where to Stay in Cozumel-Mexico
Cozumel Palace, All-Inclusive
Travel to the edge of the world famous Palancar Reef to this luxur
ious resort located in the heart of Cozumel Island. Cozumel Palace is the only five-star resort within 10 minutes walking distance of beautiful downtown San Miguel and the Convention Center. Only 10 minutes from Cozumel's Airport lies the magnificent Mediterranean architecture of thi ... read more

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Preparing to Travel

Preparing to Travel
The world has changed a lot in the past century. Thanks to the invention of airplanes and high-speed trains, today's world is wide open to travel. In a day's time, we can travel to the other side of the world without using our entire life's savings. We also have a number of options open to us to help us plan our travels, and choosing wisely can help save time and money.

1. travel AgentsMany people have the misconception that using a travel agent entails paying a fee. Nonsense. In actuality, most travel agents receive commissions from the vendors (airlines, hotels, tour agencies); they are the ones paying the fee, not you. A travel agent has access to deals that often are not available anywhere else. He or she can help take the headache out of planning, allowing you to sit back and relax while the logistics are plotted out. Another bonus is that travel agents often include travel insurance in their packages, to ensure that you are getting what you paid for.
2. InternetWith the widespread use of the world wide web, travel prices have gone down considerably. Using travel sites like Damron Vacation and Future Vacations, buyers can find lower rates than ever before for airfares, hotels, and package deals. The downside? Truly finding the best travel deals often requires a lot of time and patience as you compare rates with other sites and with direct booking. Another downfall is that you can't always find availability at these lower rates, but it is nice to plan right at home.
3. GuidebooksTried and true, travel guidebooks are a traveler's best friend. Seasoned travel writers research and compile guidebooks based on their own experiences, and who better to give advice than someone who's been there, done that? Depending on your preferred level of luxury, you are sure to find a guidebook to meet your needs. Best of all, travel guidebooks are often available at your local library-for free!

4. Booking DirectSometimes travel companies will offer special deals to customers who book directly. This is especially true with tour and cruise companies who advertise travel deals to repeat customers. You can often find rates as low as half-price (or lower) if you book at the last minute. If you have the flexibility and the determination, this may be the way to go. From Travel Information a website providing information on travel.

5. Travel marketing blogThere is much useful information available to those marketing a travel website at etravel.success a blog providing information on travel website marketing.The airline tickets to the kingfisher airlines are freely available in various deals. This holds true for allegiant airlines too. However for aloha airlines you will have to book well before time.

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Kai Restaurant wins 5-star rating from travel guide

Kai Restaurant wins 5-star rating from travel guide
The Mobil Travel Guide, which has rated restaurants since 1958, is bestowing its highest restaurant accolade, five stars, on Kai, the fine-dining spot at the Sheraton Wild Horse Pass Resort and Spa on the Gila River Reservation. Kai got four stars in 2008. Kai is one of only 20 five-star restaurants in Mobil's 2009 North America guide, which covers the United States and Canada, and the only one in Arizona. Kai received AAA's highest rating, five diamonds, in October.

According to Mobil, the five-star achievement requires a "flawless dining experience, consistently providing exceptional food, superlative service, elegant decor and exquisite presentations."The guide recognizes 159 four-star restaurants, two in Arizona: Talavera, at the Four Seasons Resort Scottsdale, and the Ventana Room in Tucson.
by Howard Seftel - Jan. 22, 2009 12:00 AMThe Arizona Republic.

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Thinking about a unique vacation this winter? How about a visit to The Mile High City, Denver, Colorado? This majestic city is the ultimate base camp for numerous activities and events. Shopping, winter sports, unique dining experiences, and artistic performances provide you with a sampling of what Denver, Colorado has to offer during the winter. If you love the see the snow, a journey to the Winter Park ski area is a must! Reservations are recommended ahead of time as this train fills with snow lovers. Boarding takes place in the downtown area in Denver at 17th and Wynkoop and then embarks on a 56 mile trek to Winter park. This journey will give you the opportunity to see the forest, valleys and mountains peaks the scenery on this route is one that will please everyone. While taking your vacations in Denver for the theater lovers, the Denver Center of the Performing Arts offers performances throughout the winter season, as well as classes involving many different art activities for everyone though the year. This beautiful city also offers a beautiful Zoo with different activities for the whole family.
Denver offers something for everyone during the winter season. Just remember by dressing appropiately with warm, cloth and wooly scar, you will appreciate all of the beauty that comes with you winter experience while taking your vacations in Denver. Do not wait too long! Now is the perfect time to plan your vacations to Denver and experience this beautiful city.
Where to Stay-Denver is home to a host of hotels-stay at
Beaver Village Condominiums and get One Night Free when staying 4 nights or more..Read more..

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Disney World Offering 'Idol'-Like Experience

An attraction inspired by the "American Idol" TV show offically opens Feb. 14 at
Disney World in Florida.
Guests can register to audition in front of
Disney producers and casting directors for a chance to take part in a show at Disney's Hollywood Studios theme park. Contestants who make the cut will perform for judges and park guests; those with the highest votes compete in an end-of-day finale. The day's winner gets a guaranteed reservation, with no waiting in long lines, for a future regional audition for the real "American Idol" TV show.Guests must be at least 14 to audition, and those who are 17 or under must have a parent in attendance.

Buy the 2-Park Unlimited Admission ticket** in advance and save even more!

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Bermuda Vacations

Bermuda Island, Britain’s oldest colony and spiritual home of the ubiquitous knee-length Bermuda shorts first introduced by the British military around the beginning of the 20th century , lie about 1,050-650 miles east of Cape Hatteras, North Carolina, in the Atlantic Ocean. Warmed by the Gulf Stream and protected by the world’s most northerly coral reefs, seven of the 150 islands are connected by bridges and causeways to form Bermuda, which has three cruise-ship docks: Hamilton the capital, St George and the Royal Naval Dockyard in the West End. This beautiful island was discovered by Spanish explores Juan Bermudez in 1503, but settled only in the early 17th century by the British, after Sir George’s Somers was shipwrecked off St George’s Island in 1609. Today the island is a popular summer vacation destination, delightfully British, with pubs, restaurants, shopping centers and full of activities throughout the summer. Start planning your vacation to this beautiful island and discover it all yourself.
Favorite Hotels in Bermuda
Receive a Credit of up to $400 per package + up to $1,000 in Savings
Bermuda is a tiny country, only 21 miles long - but every square mile of this beautiful haven is filled with candy-colored homes, exotic flowers, relaxing island music and breezes, and stunning views of vibrant ocean sunsets. Here you can enjoy miles of pink sandy beaches, golf year-round, snorkel unspoiled coral reefs, and test your skills with a myriad of water sports including everything from deep sea fishing to parasailing. For a tiny slice of island life, Bermuda has so much to offer.
Read more

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On 12 October 1492, Christopher Columbus discovered the New World. Columbus said he had made landfall on the Panamanian island of Guanahani which he named San Salvador. North and east of the Caribbean proper, the 700 island and 2,000 plus cays which comprise the Bahamas Island lie scatteres across 258,998sq Km-100,000 square miles of Atlantic Ocean. Only around 30 of the island are inhabited. Originally, the archipelago was named the Lucayas, after the local Arawak people; the word Bahamas comes from the Spanish baja-mar, meaning “shallow sea”. Well, if you would like to find out more about the history of the Bahamas plan your next vacation with your family or with your special someone to the Bahamas. Grand Bahamas is a handful of sleepy fishing villages for a major holiday destination within the space of 30 years. Grand Bahamas, the fourth largest Bahaman an island, is one o the regions’ top tourist spot. More than a million visitors come every year, lured by its miles of white sand beaches and duty-free shopping.

Where to stay while visiting Grand Bahamas- Old Bahama Bay at Ginn sur Mer-West End, Grand Bahama, is the ultimate getaway for tranquility, relaxation and pampered service. Combining Bahamian resort charm and island luxury, Old Bahama Bay at Ginn sur Mer features 73 junior suites and two bedroom suites, a 72 slip port of entry marina, and a waterfront residential community. read more


The busy cruise-ship dock is a couple of minutes’ walk from the tourist office on Rawson Square and the town centre. On the west part of the square, there are horse-drawn surreys for hire. The chatty drivers proved 45 minute tours for tow Across Bay Street, Nassau’s main shopping district, the pink-and white House of Assembly faces Parliament Square. The majority of the attractions lie a short distance from the town centre, easily reached by taxi or mopeds which can be rented near the dock. Cheap and frequent minibus services to Cable Beach leave from Bay Street and ferries make regular crossings to Paradise Island. Plan your next vacations today do not wait too long.

Favorite Hotels in Nasssau:

Save $200 on your vacation to Nassau Paradise Island

The Cove Atlantis-Get away and immerse yourself in the wonders and beauty of Atlantis. Swim with dolphins. Plunge down 7-story water slides. Soak up the sun, enjoy the finest cuisine, pamper yourself at the spa. Explore a world of 50,000 sea animals. Discover your imagination.Winter Getaway Plus - Book Now for Winter Travel & Save up to 15% off Plus get the 4th Night more

Tuesday, January 13, 2009 Domain Name Sold for $3.3 million Domain Name Sold for $3.3 million
The Domain Name Was Acquired by Travel411 for a Substantial $3.3 Million in Cash
BUSINESS WIRE)--Domain history has been made with the acquisition of the domain name for an extraordinary $3.3 million in cash. The sale puts in the top 10 most expensive domain names sold in internet history. According to sources within the company, the deal closed in the 3rd quarter of 2008.
This sale sets record history for the highest amount paid on the secondary market for a
.travel domain name. claims to have a network of over 20,000 travel help desks, concierge services, tour guides, and travel information desks in every major and smaller travel destination across the more..

Hotels in Cozumel

Selecting Hotels in Cozumel
Are you planning your next vacation to Cozumel, Mexico? Are you thinking about Cozumel´s travel and tourism?, the reality is that, relative to the number of airline seats that serve the region, Cozume
l has too many hotel rooms. The end result of this imbalance weighs in favor of the tourist, for the hotels compete for patronage with low pricing. The least expensive hotels will be found in the downtown area of San Miguel. The downtown setting is low cost, and extremely convenient to shopping, activities, events,restaurants and bars with the trade-off being more noise and commotion. The better, and in some cases more expensive, dive hotels are located south of town, along the ocean, and closer to the dive sites. Whether downtown or on the beach, Cozumel offers great hotels values relative to most other diving destinations.
While planning your vacation to Cozumel, Mexico, I woul
d suggest you to stay at Cozumel Palace, All Inclusive. Travel to the edge of the world famous Palancar Reef to this luxurious resort located in the heart of Cozumel Island. Cozumel Palace is the only five-star resort within 10 minutes walking distance of beautiful downtown San more

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Key West, Florida

Plan your next vacations to Key West, Florida

(BLACK PR WIRE) (January 11, 2009) How would you like to take an underwater stroll, meet the world’s tallest man and experience nearly two centuries of Afro-Caribbean life in one day? It’s all in the Florida Keys, a chain of islands off Florida’s southern coast. The major cities of the Keys are connected through a single highway. If you want a place to start, you can begin your trip at the northern point of the Keys, Key Largo. Key Largo is renowned for its underwater scuba diving and snorkeling activities. The John Pennekamp Coral Reef State Park is known as “America’s First Undersea Park.” Visitors can explore one of the few living coral barrier reefs in the world in crystal-clear, shallow water. If you prefer to stay dry, there are glass bottom boat tours that give you the same close-up view of the Keys’ unique wildlife. As you travel south to Bahia Honda Key, you will come across Bahia Honda State Park. This is a more conventional park with opportunities for snorkeling, kayaking, fishing and swimming. Key West is not only the final stop in your journey down the Keys, it is the southernmost point in the continental United States. In Key West, you can visit the Ripley's Believe It or Not! Museum. The Ripley’s franchise operates museums worldwide specializing in unusual facts, customs and people. You will meet an 8-foot-11-inch man, see a coin-covered car, and brave your way through a vortex tunnel. If you get hungry afterwards, Key West is the place to pick up some key lime pie and conch….anything! If you want conch fritters, conch salad or conch chowder, just name it and they’ve got it. Conch – both the meat and the shell – is practically the official symbol of the Florida Keys. Keys residents have nicknamed the region the “Conch Republic” and themselves as “Conchs.” Many Key West residents are descendants of Bahamian immigrants. The predominantly black neighborhood of Bahama Village is named for the original Bahamian community. Today, it is a tourist attraction with shops, restaurants and the Lofton B. Sands African-Bahamian Museum. This museum chronicles Key West’s black community past and present with pictures, arts and crafts, and other memorabilia. Whichever point you start at, you can unlock a fantastic vacation in the Florida Keys.
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Travel Tips

Travel Tips, Travel tips for saving money and having great time.

How to eat well, for less, on your travels
One of the biggest
travel-budget biters for me is always food, so I thought it was high time I figured out some ways to nip and tuck would-be excesses in my vacation budgets.
Thankfully, penny-pinching does not mean settling for sub-par dining. Rather, you just have to get a little creative with your travel day. And no, it doesn’t mean eating every meal picnic-style. I mean, I like a picnic now and again, especiall
y if it’s along the Seine, but the cold do-it-yourself sandwich routine gets old. Besides, restaurants, whether on your travels or at home, always provide unparalleled perches from which to watch local life roll by.
Following are some tips from around the Web, with a couple of my own thrown in, to help you eat your way through your
travel destination without busting your piggy bank:
* Travel during Restaurant Week, if you’re headed to a big city. Held at great restaurants throughout the country, these weeks offer opportunities to eat top-end without paying top dollar.

Skip the hotel breakfast. In places like London or Hawaii, eating at your hotel or resort restaurant can be a pricey move, unless it’s included in your rate. Instead, stay at a B&B, or venture out to a cafe for your first meal.
* Go at lunch instead of dinner, if a fancy restaurant is on your to-do list. That will usually get you the same quality fare for a lower price, allowing savings (and maybe even a splurge on an extra glass of wine).

* Eat at happy hour. You may have to move your dinner time up a little, but the reward can be cheaper food (not just drinks) at many bars and restaurants with bars.

* Go prix fixe. At restaurants that offer multi-course menus, go this route instead of ordering a la carte, particularly in France.
* Visit local farmers markets. These offer fresh, seasonal fare, as well as a chance to experience the local scene. Plus, the simple produce you snack on here is likely to be healthier than what you can pick up prepared elsewhere. * Eat at street stalls. In many parts of the world, you can find delicious, and cheap, street food. In Thailand, you can get everything from fried crickets to omelets on the street, and in Baja California, I’ve eaten far more than my share of fish tacos on the sidewalk. Healthy-travel tip: Pick the stall where locals are lingering.
* Skip one restaurant meal a day...but just one. Instead, snack on fruits or cheese and crackers from the store, and leave room for the next meal (which you’ll really enjoy now, since you’ll be famished!).
* Avoid tourist traps and, in fact, get out of tourist-oriented
Article by: Los Angeles Times Travel-

Hotel Deals in Hawaii -Get FREE hotel nights and more at Outrigger and OHANA Hotels & ResortsThe fresh, floral air energizes you. The warm, tranquil waters refresh you. The breathtaking, natural beauty renews you. Look around. There's no place on earth like Hawaii. Whether you're a new visitor or returning, Hawaii's unique islands offer distinct experiences that will entice any traveler. You're warmly invited to explore the islands and discover your ideal travel experience.
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Disney plans to build Shanghai theme park

LOS ANGELES — The Walt Disney Co. said Friday that it was going to submit a plan to build a new theme park in China in a joint venture with the Shanghai government.
The family entertainment giant released a statement confirming its plans at about the same time as The Wall Street Journal released a story on its Web site that said Disney was working with Shanghai to build a $3.59 billion park to open as early as 2014.
A Disney spokesman declined to comment on the Journal story.

"Discussions have been ongoing about the feasibility of a theme park project in China," said Leslie Goodman, a spokeswoman for Walt Disney Parks and Resorts, in the statement.
"As part of this lengthy process, we worked on a joint application report with the Shanghai government which will be submitted to the central government for review. No deal has been signed, no project has been approved." Disney shares closed down 59 cents, or 2.6 percent, at $22.31.
The Journal said Disney planned to take a 43 percent stake in Shanghai Disneyland, while a holding company owned by the local government would own 57 percent, citing unnamed sources.
The first phase of the project, on about 1.5 square kilometers near Shanghai's Pudong International Airport, would include a theme park, plus a hotel and shopping development and would be built over six years, the paper said.

Article by: Newsvine
Fri Jan 9, 2009 3:47 PM EST