Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Las Vegas

Win a Trip for 8 to Las Vegas

Includes airfare, $1,000 shopping spree & more
Vegas resorts starting from $36* per night
3 nights including hotel, taxes + 2-for-1's & more

There are many different tips that you can do to aid in finding cheap flights to Las Vegas. First and foremost, if you like to go to casinos, and like to wager large amounts, simply call the different hotel/casinos in Las Vegas, tell them that you want to go to Vegas and gamble, but are not sure which casino to register with, and that you would like to make a deposit of at least $10,000 in your account with whichever casino you ultimately decide to stay with. Many of these casinos will either send you a travel voucher, have one waiting for you at the airport nearest your location, or in extreme circumstances (like in the case that you are wealthy) they may even send their private jet to pick you up, and return you home once your trip is over. The idea is to pamper you so that you will keep coming back. But, if you are in the 99% of travelers to Las Vegas who are not independently wealthy, there are some tricks and tips that can help you save money on your airfare to Las Vegas.

First thing you need to do is go online and, in your Google search engine's search box, type in "Cheap flights to Las Vegas, XXX", where "XXX" is the nearest airport to your location. Google will probably be more than likely to return over 500,000 search results. Look for the results that are from Travel websites, airlines or travel agents. If the price is not what you looking for of the flights available at that time, reserve a “stand-bye” seat, as airlines companies do not like having empty seats on airplanes.

When your vacation is about to begin, you can look online for stand bye deals, or call your local airport for upcoming flights to Las Vegas, and tell them that you would like to fly stand-bye. You may have to wait for a few planes to take off for your destination without you on them, but a seat or seats will become available soon enough.

You can call the local airports that are closer to Las Vegas, and drive or take a public bus or train to the airport. For Instance, if you live in Orlando, you may try calling airports in Fortlaudardale, West Palm Beach even Miami. You will have to get to that airport either by bus, train or car, but the shorter the flight, the cheaper the airfare. Along this line, using the smaller airlines, with regional coverage, will also find you cheaper flights. If travelling to another State for your air travel experience, There are still some ways to reduce your flight costs.

Travel light do not take too much luggage, only what you can carry on-board the plane. Call ahead to the airport to ensure their carry-on luggage requirements, and if you abide by their rules, you will be saving a fair amount of money on baggage handling fees, and luggage insurance. If you do not want to gamble before even stepping foot in Las Vegas by flying stand-bye, you can book your flight by asking for the cheapest seating available (normally at the rear of the plane). If you are not in a rush to leave within a day or two, you can visit travel agents, in person, and tell them exactly what you want.

The travel agents would rather you spend a fortune on your flight, but once you have convinced them that you are looking for the ultimate cheap flight, they will do their best to accommodate you, and they will do a better job at finding a cheap flight than you could, as they know the system inside and out.

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