Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Travel Reviews

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Hotel Safety Guidelines

Taking your children to new places is a great opportunity for fun and education. If your travel with kids involves staying in a hotel, here are a few important tips. Upon arriving in your hotel room, review hotel fire escape procedures and locate exits. If there are matches, glasses, alcohol (as in a mini-bar), or any other dangerous item in the room, make sure these items stay far out of reach of the kids. Also, never let kids play in the hotel hallways or on the balcony unattended.

Travel Fun in the Sun

If you plan to take vacations to any place where there is water, such as, Florida -- a pool, ocean, adventure park, etc. be sure you never leave your child unattended. All kids should wear a life jacket, even if they know how to swim. Especially in natural bodies of water like the ocean, find out ahead of time what is in the water. Jellyfish, pollutants, and other unfortunate things can put a damper on good times! Always bring a hat with a wide brim and sunscreen of at least 30 SPF to shield children's skin from the sun's harmful rays, avoiding sun poisoning.
Learn About the Countries You Plan to Visit

USA Department of State Publication 10337 Bureau of Consular Affairs Revised August 1996 TRAVEL SAFETY TIPS FOR OLDER AMERICANS Before you go abroad, read up on the culture, people, and history for the places you will travel. Libraries and book stores are excellent resources. Travel magazines and the travel sections of major newspapers tell about places to visit and also give advice on everything from discount airfares to international health insurance.

Online you can find information about tips for an specific country and many travel agents and foreign tourist bureaus provide free information on travel abroad. For up-to-date travel information on any country in the world that you plan to visit, obtain the Department of State's Consular Information Sheet. They cover such matters as health conditions, unusual currency and entry regulations, crime and security conditions, drug penalties, and areas of instability. In addition, the State Department issues Travel Warnings when it recommends Americans defer travel to a country because of unsafe conditions. Travel Warnings are under continuous review by the Department of State and are removed when conditions warrant. The Department of State also issues Public Announcements as a means to disseminate information quickly about relatively short-term and/or trans-national conditions which would pose significant risks to the security of American travelers.

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