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Travel How to Find a Cheap Ski Vacation

Travel How to Find a Cheap Ski Vacation

Cheap Ski Vacations

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Finding a inexpensive vacations is not only about the destination you want to go to, but what you do before you take your trip. They way to enjoy your skiing vacations on a ice-cream budget is to plan your vacations ahead and book before the ski season begins. If you don’t plan your vacations ahead of schedule, there are a few tips that will carve dollars from your ski vacations budged.

Travel Ski Season

It's all in the timing. Plan your holiday either just before or after the peak ski season. There's great skiing to be had in March and even April. At this time the weather isn't usually as cold and you may be t-shirt skiing. The snow fields are not so busy and neither are the ski programs. For the price of a group lesson I have literally private lessons when I visited Colorado last year due to the fact of the low members when skiing late in the season.

The bad side is that depending on what kind of weather some of the snow on the lower runs may be already melting so you will be probably skiing on what I like to call Pina Colada Slush where the snow has the consistency of a frozen Ron beverages and can be a little icy. However, the pick of the mountain are usually still good.


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Hotels and Ski Resorts offer great rates for the end of the season as they try to grasp a few more dollars out of the season. Keep an eye on your favorite resort's website and subscribe to their email alerts I personally use Futurevacations.com they usually have good vacation packages deals.

One of the cheapest ways I've found to save on ski vacations is to go with friends and share a cabin, lodge or condo. If the lodging on or around the ski field is too expensive, consider staying in close proximity but no more than a couple of miles so you don't spend your precious vacation driving.

Lodging prices are usually cheaper just off the ski fields. You may be able to negotiate for lower than the advertised rate towards the end of the ski season. Also ask if they'll give you a discount if you pre-pay.Sharing accommodation will also cut your dining budget when both families pool their grocery bill. You'll save on those expensive resort restaurants.

Prior to the beginning of the ski season, many resorts offer unbelievable prices and massive discounts on season passes. These are offered well before the ski season starts and have to be paid by a determined date so check in September and October. It may be cheaper than what you'll pay for the duration of your vacation.

Rental Ski Gear

Unless you're a true powder hound you may need to hire your ski gear. Many Ski Rental shops will give you a discount if you book your equipment on-line. Spend time on the Internet to find the best rates. It also avoids the hassle of arranging gear when you get there.

If you want to find a cheap ski vacation, get on the Internet before the ski season to take advantage of pre-season prices. If you're the last minute-holiday-type, check for deals at the end of the ski season, you may not only get a great travel deal but great snow as well.

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