Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Last Minute Travel Tips

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Life moves at a very fast pace. You want to do a lot of things in one go. Also, at times you end up planning things at the last minute. So is the case with eleventh hour planning of holidays and fun trips. Your family suddenly decided to take a vacation at the last moment and hit the sites meant for the same, which till about some time ago, used to promise great prices if you booked at the hour. But then the airlines and tour operators has nothing to offer you for your next vacations.
Do not worry! There are plenty Last Minute booking options available online. Go online and check what is available out There, but be very flexible in terms of your preference for the airlines, hotels or even tour operators.

Here are some tips on how to strike a great deal at the last minute.

- Use domestic websites rather than foreign ones for better deals

- Check airlines websites to see what deals are available-check if they have any unsold seats available with great hotel and tour offers.

- Try not to book a hotel in the last minutes online. Call the hotel to get information they will be the ones to give you the right information than the website.

- Shop around –try different websites

- Be fast and try to book your holiday as soon is possible as you find a good price, because such last time deals do not last very long and they tend to expire quickly.

- Sign up for email alerts to receive information to be able to plan and save money in your next trip.

Hope you find this information helpful to help you find your next deal at the correct time. Happy Holidays!

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